Bedbug Disclosure Form
Bedbug Disclosure Form is discussed on Debbie Baum's website regarding New York City real estate.
Bedbug Disclosure Form

Bedbug Disclosure Form

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I am a real estate broker and my client is the owner of a condominium unit that she is seeking to rent out. Must the owner provide the Bed Bug Disclosure form to a tenant?  If so, how would the owner know whether the building has experienced any bedbug infestations beyond her own unit?


Yes, the owner must provide the Bed Bug Disclosure form to a tenant. In 2010, Section 27-2018.1 (Notice of Bedbug Infestation History) was added to the New York City Administrative Code, requiring owners of New York City residential property to disclose bedbug infestation history before leasing their apartments. The legislation requires disclosure of bedbug infestations within the apartment rented by the tenant and the building in which the apartment is located that have occurred in the twelve (12) months preceding the rental.  The disclosure must be on a specific form (the “Bedbug Disclosure Form”), which is available on the REBNY website, at the following link: Residential Bed Bug Disclosure Form.

The building management should be keeping a record of all bedbug complaints and infestations to be made available when units are rented out. Individual unit owners should obtain this information from the building management in order to complete the form. 

Important Tip: More information on the Bedbug Disclosure law is available at the following link: CLICK HERE for Bedbug Disclosure law FAQ.

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