Debbie Baum | James Reed III | Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
James Reed III is a associate real estate broker at the Corcoran group as part of the Debbie Baum team.
James Reed III | Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Jocelyn Gold
Licensed as Jocelyn Gold
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Deep market knowledge, rigorous analysis, and absolute integrity are Jocelyn’s hallmarks. A former media and communications executive, Jocelyn leverages her experience to represent clients passionately, promote properties vigorously, and engage with consumers on a personal level. Jocelyn drives results for sellers across the Manhattan real estate market and strategically curates potential purchases for buyers based on their respective needs.

Years of experience in Manhattan residential real estate have made Jocelyn a sought-after partner who provides platinum-level service to clients. Tellingly, she has also sold and purchased multiple of her own apartments in Manhattan, giving her a unique perspective and ability to identify and empathize with those whom she advises. Jocelyn lives in Manhattan with her husband and two children.